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Tired of watching game from your car? Join us for expertly guided trails, off the beaten track, into the majestic and beautiful Kruger National Park! Walking provides an excellent opportunity to have a close look at the small marvels of the bush, like insects, tracks and trees. As you walk you will be immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the bush, feeling the grass brush past your boot and the breeze on your face, be part of the wilderness.

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Join us for 4 days 3 nights, hiking trail through areas of the Kruger that cannot be seen from the window of your car. We work with and for the Kruger National Park and have walked many trails along the Olifants Trail, Lonely Bull and the Mphongolo Trail.

Our armed guides are experienced and well trained, guiding you safely through the wilderness. While all of the trails require you to be physically fit, some are more strenuous than others, please contact us to discuss which trail would be best for your level of fitness.

You will need to bring and carry your own food, tent, sleeping bag and other equipment as there are no over night huts. We make a fire every night but it is not for cooking, it is made for social and safety reasons so please bring a gas cooker for your dinner! There are no ablution facilities, dustbins or set campsites, whatever you bring in will have to be carried out with you.

Wear your comfiest pair of hiking boots, pack your backpack, food and tent and get back to basics in South Africa's first National Park.

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Starting at Olifants Camp, this trail stretches over four days and three nights, covering about 42 km. The trail does not include any overnight huts, therefore hikers must bring their own tents to sleep in. Our guide will choose a suitable camp site each night, and participants are responsible for setting up their own tents, carrying and cooking their own food. Please bring a gas stove for cooking.

Get up at sunrise, break camp and walk until midday where we will find a shady place to relax and perhaps have a siesta to avoid walking in the heat of the day. If you are not feeling sleepy there will be plenty to keep you occupied, bird watching, game spotting and soaking up all the nature around you. Sit around the campfire at night and enjoy the stars!

As the trail follows the Olifants River, there is adequate water suitable for drinking. However, purification tablets (chlorine) are necessary.

The landscape is characterised by rugged veld and rocky areas. Magnificent species of large trees, such as Apple Leaf and Sycamore Fig, are found in these parts. This backpacking trail requires hikers to cover 10-15 km each day.


A primitive backpacking trail that stretches over four days and three nights. Starting at Shingwedzi Camp, the trail allows the hikers or trail leader to decide when and where to camp and which route to follow - truly off the beaten track! This trail can be tailored to your level of fitness, for example in the past we have left our heavy packs at the campsite and explored the area, returning to the same campsite in the evening.


The Lonely Bull Trail is a primitive backpacking trail which starts from Mopani Rest Camp and is conducted in the large wilderness area between the Letaba low water bridge and the Mingerhout dam along the Letaba River.

The trail stretches over 4 days and three nights, in a wilderness area without having the constraints of having to get to the next point or of following a prescribed route. The trail allows the trail leader to decide when and where to camp and how far and which route to follow.